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Why are electric vehicles so popular?|10 Reasons E-bikes are So Popular

Why Suddenly has Electric Vehicles demand increased nowadays? 10 Reasons E-bikes are So Popular in India.

1). The main reason to shift the public attention towards electric vehicles is the rise in petrol rates.

2). There are so many benefits by using EV’s:

  • less maintenance as compared to normal bikes.
  • Mileage…The electric scooter takes 3 hours 35 minutes for an 80% charge and offers a range of 116 km on a full charge.
  • Battery Performance.
  • Smart features i.e., message notification, call function, GPS on a big screen,anti-theft alarm, etc., are accessed by using EV’s.
  • We can charge easily in our home and there will be the availability of charging stations too.
electric vehicles

3). With a lot of benefits, there are some problems with electronic vehicles that are prices are somewhat high as compared to that of regular bikes. And there is insufficient availability of EV’s in the market.

4). EVs are better to use within the city it is not so good for long drives.

5). To overcome the problems with electronic vehicles central govt and state governments made some subsidies.

The subsidy will now be Rs 15,000 per kWh for electric two-wheelers. It was Rs 10,000 per kWh earlier under FAME India phase II. The cap on subsidy for an electric two-wheeler will be 40 percent of its cost.

6). Recently, The Telangana government, as part of its new policy to promote electric vehicles, offers a 100 percent exemption of road tax and registration fee for the first two lakh electric two-wheelers purchased and registered within the state, according to the State Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy.

7). If you look at the prices of ATHER450X, REVOLT RV400, REVOLT RV300, it is decreased as compared to earlier because of the central govt. increased subsidy rate according to its KWH battery capacity.

8). If you look at the Ola bike, its demand is rising day by day. Ola electric scooter price is expected to be close to rs.1 lakh.

9). Bengaluru-based mobility platform, Ola, received 1,00,000 bookings for its electric scooter in 24 hours of opening pre-launch booking for the two-wheeler, said the company on July 17, 2021.

10) Best electric ATHER 450X , REVOLT RV 400, REVOLT RV 300, OlA , SIMPLE ENERGY vehicles in industry..

Why are electric vehicles the future?

Electric vehicles are less maintenance as compared to normal bikes, with Smart features, mileage, and performance.

Do electric cars save money?

Yes, less maintenance as compared to normal bikes,

What is the range of an all electric vehicle

Minimum mileage starts from 40km to 400km is dependent upon EV model

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