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Hop oxo electric Mileage, review, Price, image, specifications, Colour -lekkalaharish

At present, this Hop oxo electric bike were not present in the market. Since one year HOP OXO electric bike is in the R&D stage only. After completion of R&D, they will present Hop oxo electric bike in the market. At present.

Hop oxo electric bike

These are available in showrooms for test drive. If you are interested to purchase this HOP OXO …before purchasing it please test drive it.

HOP OXO electric bike Build Quality

Hop oxo electric bike is made up of fiber plastic except for the front trunk portion. For the sake of range, they used this fiber plastic for manufacturing of HOP OXO. If you look at the specifications this Hop oxo electric bike is working with a 3KW BLDC hub motor which you can see at the back portion of the bike. By this 3KW hub motor, we can go 100kmph speed in mode 3. Sharp Braking is provided for the sake of a speed ride.

Hop oxo electric bike

HOP OXO electric bike Specification

If you see at the tires, tires are too good with a lot of friction i.e grip. Dual Shock absorbers are also provided at the backside of the EV. The ride comfort is fantastic and you will get the feeling that you are riding a normal petrol bike. Signal lights are provided at the backside. The number plate is given on the backside.

HOP OXO electric bike Seat

If you see at the seat, it is narrow and somewhat thin which is not upto the mark. It looks like Apachee model and in the future, we hope the company will come up with good seat quality. Along with rider, another one person can sit comfortably.

HOP OXO electric bike Battery

The battery is not detachable, it is a fixed one. The HOP OXO company is saying that full battery life is for 180 km(IDC rate) and the real range is 150kms. They did not revealed the battery pack officially, let’s wait for the official confirmation. In case of any emergency, we can remove screws and we can take the battery out, and charge.

Hop oxo electric bike

Charging Time :
With 10Amp. – 5 to 6 hrs
15Amp. – 3 to 4 hrs

HOP OXO electric bike Remote Key Features

An emergency parking button is provided. In case of any emergency, all lights will glow. This time interestingly they have given USB PORT also. In the right side, you can observe mode options like mode 1, mode 2, mode 3…..The reverse mode button is something interesting they have provided.

Lighting is also good they have given LED lamps in front & backside. Mainly, they have given Remote Key option…we can operate through remote instead of bike key. And all other buttons like horn, indicator buttons, flash buttons, etc. are provided.

HOP OXO electric bike Dashboard

Hop oxo electric bike

HOP OXO bike at the present dashboard is in demo mode. You can find speedometer, sports mode options, range prediction, navigation assist, mobile app features are provided in Dashboard.


HOP OXO electric bike is getting cheaper than REVOLT RV 400. The price of HOP OXO EV is 1,10,000-1,25,000 which is reasonable to buy. If you are interested to purchase this.. without any doubts you go & buy HOP OXO BIKE.

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