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Mazout Electric bike |Best long drive Electric bike 2022

Mazout Electric is a Premium and long drive bike?

This Mazout Electric bike was made by Akhil and his team and manufactured by a Major Electric startup company in New Delhi.

Mazout Electric bike Startup Company

Mazout Electric bike Startup Company|Best long drive Electric bike? Mazout Electric is a startup company Which is design Electric bike for long-drive and is specially made to give comfort during long drive people.

Which electric bike has the longest range?
The best long drive Mazout Electric bike is a 25 KW battery that can provide 300- 350 km mileage.

FAQ section

Which e-bike is best for long drive?

Mazout Electric Bike startup company

Is electric bike good for long ride?

Yes, is it good for long drive

Electric bike 350 km range

This Mazout Electric Bike can gives 300km mileage for single charge.

Mazout Electric bike

Mazout Electric bike Physical Overview

  • Mazout Electric bike Model and design of bike looks so fresh.
  • This is a prototype version.
  • Bike designing was so different when compared to other electric bikes and the bike parts looks heavily and totally metalic.
  • It is especially made to give comfort during long drives. Lot of varieties of bikes were available in petrol bikes for long drives , but in case of electric there were no bikes to provide comfort during long drives this one made especially to it.
  • Legspace and Centre of gravity elements were really attractive.

Mazout Electric bike Specification

Mazout Electric bike Another major factor of this is, a normal electric bike has battery range of 3.97 KW but this bike has a 25 KW lithium-ion battery.

The battery was located under trunk box, this heavy battery gives Centre of balance, which helps in comfort driving.

For charging there were 2 methods. One is a normal charger it takes 6 to 8 hours but with DC fast charging it takes only 1 hour for full charging.

Mazout Electric bike
  • 25 KW battery can provide 300- 350 km mileage.
  • Motor was located in rare wheel which is a BLDC hub motor has rated capacity 6 KW and peak power of 10 KW, this huge motor gave up to 120 km vage.
  • Disc brakes were provided both in front and back tyres.
  • Both tyres were tubeless and thick to support long drives.
  • Two seats were provided, front seat was smooth and comfort rare seat is small.
  • Front side suspension was heavy to tackle roads and to support long drives .
  • Holes type structure were provided in front side of battery for air flowing to prevent heating of battery.
  • Ground clearance was 150 mm.
  • Mazout Electric bike startup Features of Final version:
  • Electric bike
  • Best long drive Electric bike
  • Touch screen display was located on the trunk box which contains navigation, range prediction, battery consumption, route maps, and many more.
  • AI technology was also provided which shows in finding charging points, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • The odometer also changes, it will be in digital.
  • The mobile app is also provided to monitor bike.
  • Price : 3,00,000


Mazout Electric bike Best choice for long drives, a good range, and comfort.

The Mazout Electric bike is going to be launched in mid of 2022.

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