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MG ZS EV 2022 price in India, Battery Warranty, review & Colours, Specification, Speed, Features, Problems

Are you looking for under 30 lakhs for a long-range which is MG ZS EV electric car? and in this, we have discussed (MG ZS EV 2022 price in India, Battery Warranty, review & Colours, Specification, Speed, Features, Problems)

mg zs


The government also giving subsidies to promote the EV’s Actually, if we keep the pollution problem aside all are prefer EVs because of the daily price hike in fuels like diesel and petrol. In order to solve all these problems, EVs are introduced and manufactured.

If you see the MG ZS ELECTRIC Car, it is good than the other normal fossil fuel vehicles.

MG ZS EV ELECTRIC CAR Specifications:

MG ZS Electric Car Specification
Ex-showroom Price 25 Lakhs
Range( mileage)340 to 450 km
Charging Time 0-80% (Fast charger) minutes
Charging Time (80-100%) 25 Minutes
Home DC charger (0-100%)7 Hour
Slow charger (0-100%)16 Hour
Per kilometer cost0.77 paisa
ColoursFerris White, Sable Black, Ashen Silver, Currant Red
Safety5 Star (Euro NCAP)
CompetitorTata Nexon, Hyundai Kona Electric
The battery cost 44.5 kWh6 Lakhs
Battery warranty 10 years


The awesome thing about this car is COMFORT. You can feel like just you are in flight when it takes off. It moves smoothly without any hurdle sounds and disturbances.

MG ZS EV range & speed :

The vehicle can go upto 340 km range with the 100% charge battery and the top speed of MG ZS EV is ~140km/hr which is satisfactory.
Next, if you are living in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc., If you want to travel with 100rs. in a normal car that runs based on fuel, you can travel a maximum of 8-10kms.

And if you compare the same thing with MG ZS ELECTRIC CAR you can travel 50-60kms with the same 100rs. charge. There is no problem of driving electric vehicles in rainy season or water proned areas.


If you see the safety measure MG ZS EV gives you 100% safe ride if you travel in economy mode. At last, if you keep all these things aside, the main disadvantage of using electric vehicles is…there are no proper charging stations in all areas.



If the Government or EV manufacturing companies come forward and look at this problem and if they can solve this major issue there is no problem in buying of EV’s In Charging stations the dead battery can charge to 100% in 1-2 hrs.

If the same battery i.e.44.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery if we want to charge in our home it takes approximately 18hrs with the normal charger and it takes 7 hrs with a wall unit charger which is provided by the company.

0-80% charge can be done in 50 minutes and 80-100% charge can be done in 25 minutes.In whole, it takes 75-80 minutes to charge the battery.

My suggestion is to use a normal charger instead of fast charging because fast charging falls suddenly to down.

MG ZS EV Spare battery Cost & BATTERY WARRANTY:

The battery warranty is ~10 Years and the spare battery Cost is ~5,00,000 with all taxes and waives.

Without using AC and if you go with normal speed the 100% battery can live upto 460 km which is a great thing I can say about MG ZS EV.


  • Voice Command is provided.
  • Good Lighting.
  • AC is also good which is satisfactory.
  • Sun-roof was also provided.
  • If you calculate the domestic monthly power bill using charging You can travel 1 km with just 77 paise only.
  • So, The 44.5 kWh battery with 100% charge can cost about ₹244 monthly.

MG ZS EV Problems:

  • Not having enough charging stations.
  • high prices when compared with Tata Nexon

MG ZS EV Video

Conclusion :

There is no problem with the car, the only problem is about charging stations. If there were full charging stations near you, then you can go with MG ZS EV Electric Car.

mg zs ev price in india|mg zs ev 2022
Electric Car mg zs ev price in india|mg zs ev 2022 Average rating: 4, based on 5 reviews itemtype=””> from ₹2300000 to ₹2500000

What is the running cost of MG ZS EV?

You can travel 1 km with just 77 paise

Is MG electric car a good buy?

Yes, Good Car

What is the top speed of MG ZS EV?

140 km/hr

What is the EMI option available for MG ZS EV?

EMI starts from 48,918 per month for a down payment of 2,58,800 rupees.

MG ZS Spare Battery Cost?

6 Lakhs

Does mg EV have a subsidy?

No, Above 15 lakh are not available for fame 2 subsidy.


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