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NX100-RIVOT MOTOR Price, Mileage, speed, review 2022

NX100-RIVOT MOTOR SHOCKING Price, Mileage, speed, review 2022 and It is a premium electric scooter?

let us discuss about this company Rivot motors in India for the last four years are developing and designing this electric scooter

rivot nx100 In this advantage is capable of four batteries, with the help of four batteries for once charging can ride 280 KM.

NX100-RIVOT MOTOR Electric vehicle Company Details

This NX100-RIVOT MOTOR Electric vehicle product was developed, Karnataka Belgaum by RIVOT MOTORS. Someone asked the company founder why you didn’t promote this product and he gave the best reply, he said our product will be talking not my promotions.


Chief of company AJITH PATEL of a little story, his came from IT background and 15 years ago his purchased BSC Electric scooter and his faced some problems with an electric scooter and also other electric scooters that time he decided to make new electric scooter with no any problems and his established this RIVOT ELECTRIC SCOOTER. It was developed and designed in Karnataka, Belgaum.

The RIVOT MOTORS was tested by 3 types of motos first one is 2.5kilowatts, the second one is 3.5kilowatts and the third one is 4.5kilowatts mid-drive belt motor. And protection of the motor with aluminum housing.

NX100-RIVOT MOTOR Electric vehicle specification

The rivot nx100 company was restricted after 85km speed because of battery capacity. Battery module each battery 70km true range give and with the help of four batteries can ride up to 280km. And charging time is 4 to 6 hours and electric scooter can support fast charging

NX100 Rivot Electric vehicle Features


1)NX100-RIVOT MOTORS this one special feature available, in our family adjust speed by setting, by unlocking Electric scooter dashboard family members

Like father speed 40 to 50km, mother speed 30 to 40km and young person for 70 to 80km.

2) company was provided top speed 80 to 85km.

3) Regenerating break energy helps to the battery charge, whenever you break that time produced energy can charge the battery of 35 percentage. a company named SMART RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY (SRT). And it is the best regenerating system in the market.


4)In this one more best feature, in this Dash camera is is helpful for in accident time, who’s a mistake in riding.

5)For comfortable front side present telescopic suspension and backside present mono-shock suspension.

And finally the price of NX100-RIVOT MOTORS electric vehicle RS 99999.


Rivot Motors NX100 launch Date?

in 2022 second half.

RIVOT MOTORS official website?

Rivot Motors NX100 price?

99999 Rs

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