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Ola electric scooter review, Price, mileage, performance, speed 2022

The Ola company launched the Ola electric scooter as a competitor for Ather450X. This scooter is made up of some improvements to etergo app scooter.

Ola electric scooter price and Demand:

Recently, Ola receives 1,00,000 bookings for electric scooters in one day. By observing this we can understand the demand for Ola Scooters in the market. Due to huge interest in Ola Electric Scooters, there is no adequate supply of scooters in the market.

Ola electric scooter

If we analyze some features like Top Speed, Motor Power, Battery Capacity, etc., Ola is going to satisfy all these features for the sake of customers in the price range of 1,00,000 rupees as promised earlier to the customers.

Ola electric scooter Top Speed:

If we observe the top speed the high-end variant i.e., Ola S1 pro can go up to 140 km and the low-end variant i.e., Ola S1 can go up to 120-130 Kms. This analysis is based on a real range. If we observe the certified range they mentioned high-end variant can go up to 180 Kms and the low-end variant can go up to 160-165 Kms.

Next, if you observe the motor power ..Ola electric is going to bring the best one that is motor power up to 5KW-6KW.

Ola electric scooter Battery capacity

If the battery is 100% it can go up to 140kms. For 1 KWH the Ola Company can go up to 40km range.

There is one question running in all the customer’s minds that is the battery is fixed or Dittacchable?

The battery is a fixed one. Next, if we observe the price the Ather450X market price is 1,48,000, and if we remove subsidy ATHER 450X is available for 1,43,000.

Ola electric scooter Government Subsidy:

If you see Ola Electric Scooter, the market price for it is 1,60,000, and if you remove the subsidy rate the Ola is coming to 1,28,000.

But, as promised earlier the Ola company can bring it to 1,00,000 to the customers.

Ola Electric Vehicle delivery

At present, there is no availability of Ola Electric Scooters due to huge demand and scooter chips not available in stock.

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