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Ola S1 pro electric scooter price, specifications, features full information

So friends, do you want to know about the Ola S1 Pro scooter? If you are about to buy an Ola electric scooter or want to know about it, you have come to the right post.

In today’s post, we will tell you about Ola electric S1 Pro scooter in detail. This post will tell you the specifications, design, advantages, and disadvantages of the Ola electric scooter. So without any delay, let’s start today’s post titled Ola s1 Pro electric scooter.

1. Ola S1 Pro Specifications

Ola electric S1 scooter
Charging Time5 hours
Motor Power8500
Rear BrakeDisc
Front BrakeDisc
Motor TypeMid Drive IPM
Range180 km/charge
Braking TypeCombine Braking System
Mobile ConnectivityBluetooth,WiFi
Speedometer, Tripmeterdigital
Additional Features

3 GB RAM, LTE Connectivity, Drive
Modes Normal | Sports | Eco,
Charger Capacity – 750 W, Seat Boot Lock, etc
Length – 738 mm, Predictive
Maintenance, Key Sharing, Remote

Let us now tell you the specifications of the Ola s1 Pro electric scooter one by one, which are as follows:
Engine: The power of the motor in the Ola electric scooter is 8500w, when it comes to its Eco Mode range, its range is 180 km after a single charge.

Talking about the full range, once fully charged, it can be used up to 180 km. Its engine can also be started from the remote or it can also be started with the button given in the Ola scooter. Talking about the type of its motor, then the type of motor installed in it is Mid Drive IPM.

Range: Talking about its range, its range is 180 km on a full charge once and if you want to know its mileage, then its mileage is also 180 km.

Battery: Let us tell you that the battery capacity of the Ola S1 Pro scooter is 4 kWh. Its battery has been claimed by the company that it can be fully charged in 5 to 6 hours.

Dimension: Let us now also tell you the dimensions of this electric S1 Pro scooter which are as follows, Width: 712 mm, Height:1160 mm, Ground Clearance: 165 mm, Wheelbase: 1359 mm, Kerb Weight: 125 kg, Length:1859 mm, Saddle Height: 792 mm.

2. Ola S1 Pro Scooter design

Let us now tell you the design of Ola electric S1 Pro scooter, its design is as follows:
Although its design is similar to the normal electric scooter, here it is present in 10+ stunning colors. Apart from this, large boot space is also available in it. You can easily store a wide variety of items in it. In this, you get the Iconic headlamp which looks very active.

3. Ola S1 Pro Advantages and disadvantages

Let us now tell you some advantages of the Ola electric S1 Pro scooter one by one and some disadvantages i.e. drawbacks which are as follows:

Ola electric S1 scooter

Ola S1 Pro scooter advantages

  • You can stand this electric scooter on your feet very easily.
  • Storage is also much better in this electric scooter. Multiple items can be stored easily.
  • The mileage of the Ola electric scooter is also very good.
  • Home service is also available with this electric scooter which is a good thing.
  • The Ola electric scooter is easily available in many extractive colors.

Ola S1 Pro scooter disadvantages

  • The price of the Ola electric scooter is high when compared with petrol scooters.
  • Ola company should improve the battery installed in its electric scooter.
  • Ola electric scooter is not suitable for long distances.
  • This electric scooter does not have a service center yet, due to which there is a lot of trouble if there is any problem.

Sometimes Ola electric scooter catches fire automatically. Due to this people do not know about Ola electric scooters.

4. Ola S1 Pro scooter features

  • Now let us also tell you some features of the Ola electric scooter, which are as follows:
  • You will get a 7-inch display for Ola electric scooter.
  • The Ola scooter can achieve a speed of 40 km per hour from zero in just 2.9 seconds.
  • The top speed of this electric scooter is around 116 kmph.
  • It has many drive modes such as Normal drive mode, Sports drive mode, Hyperdrive mode, etc.
  • Let us tell you that the gradeability of this electric scooter is 15°.
  • The MoveOS 2 Operating System is present in this electric scooter and it also has a 2.2 GHz 8-Core Processor.
  • This electric scooter also has 3 GB RAM, LTE connectivity, and a mobile application to control it.

5. Ola s1 vs S1 pro scooter difference

Let us now tell you in detail what is the difference between Ola s1 and S1 pro. At the same time, we will also tell you which one might be better for you, so it is something like this:

  • The price of the Ola s1 is less compared to the Ola S1 pro, so if you want to get the electric scooter for less price then you can go for the Ola s1. The price of Ola s1 is only Rs 99,999 and the price of Ola S1 pro is Rs 1.29 lakh.
  • The riding range of the Ola S1 pro is close to 135 Km while the riding range of the Ola s1 is only 121 Km.
  • It takes 5 hours to fully charge the Ola S1 battery whereas it takes 6.30 hours to fully charge the battery in Ola s1 pro.
  • It takes 3.6 seconds for Ola S1 to accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph, while Ola s1 Pro takes 3 seconds.
  • It takes 7 seconds for Ola S1 to achieve a speed of 0 to 60 kmph while Ola s1 Pro takes only 5 seconds.
  • The top speed of Ola S1 is 90 kmph, while the top speed of Ola s1 pro is 115 kmph.
  • The Ola s1 pro is available in many more colors than the Ola S1.
ola s1 pro price
Electric vehicle ola s1 pro price Average rating: 3, based on 5 reviews itemtype=””> from ₹139999 to ₹140000

Ola electric scooter fire incident reasons

Every day news keeps coming in the newspapers and news channels that suddenly caught fire in Ola’s electric scooter. If you want to know the reason for this, then let us tell you that there are many reasons for suddenly catching fire in Ola electric scooters, but the main reason found in research is mechanical failure.

Let us tell you that the technology used in the Ola electric scooter, this technology has not been developed how the engine of the scooter can be cooled. Apart from this, there are many types of things in the scooter whose quality is quite low.

Ola Company’s future planning

  • Let us now tell you with the help of some points what will be the future plan of Ola company.
  • Ola company wants to open its service center in different places.
  • Ola company also wants to make better and better-charging stations all over India.
  • Want to improve your electric scooter to lower cost and prevent any kind of accidents.
  • The Ola company is about to spend $100 million for new design and engineering.
  • To visit the original website Ola S1 Pro Electric scooter booking (

Ola S1 Pro Electric scooter real mileage

180 km mileage in sports mode

Is the Ola S1 Pro battery removable?

No, non-removable battery

What is the cost of ola S1 Pro electric scooter on road price

Is Ola S1 Pro on road price 1.30 lakh rupees

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