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RAFT INDUS NX Electric Scooter Price, Longest Mileage, Review, Features

Are you searching for the highest mileage(range)? We are talking not about the electric car, we are talking about the RAFT INDUS NX electric scooter, the World’s first highest-range scooter, and it and made in India.

Highest range electric Launching this year, the scooter name is RAFT INDUS NX-EV. One day was posted on Facebook page RAFT MOTORS, in the post, they were informed that per single charge GIVES 480 KM MILEAGE, introduced soon in the market.

RAFT INDUS NX Electric Scooter Features🛵


In RAFT INDUS ELECTRIC NX-EV SCOOTER they have used two batteries, first, one battery is a fixed battery and the second battery is detachable. The fixed battery is a 48 volt, 135-ampere lithium-ion battery with NMC chemistry and the detachable battery is 48 volt, 65 amperes.

With a fixed battery, a 325 range will be getting and with a detachable battery is 155km range will get with this both batteries charge once and are maintained in 40 to 45 speed you will get a range 480 km per charge. if you ride at 20 to 25 speeds, then you will get 550 km per charge. This scooter is 🛵 NO LICENSE, NO REGISTRATION VEHICLE.

RAFT INDUS NX-EV SCOOTER 3 TIMES is greater than OLA S1 PRO. it is equal mileage of 10 Activa’s per charge of INDUS NX-EV SCOOTER.

RAFT INDUS NX Electric Scooter Charging time

This Highest range electric for charging a scooter, it’s the most important. so many companies provide with a scooter with a 10Ampere charger, for 10 Ampere charger takes time to charge whole day. But we have more options company providing separate two chargers, first one is 30Ampere charger and the second one is 50Ampere charger.

30Ampere charger takes time 8 hours and 50Ampere charger takes time 5 hours With this 30Ampere or 50 Ampere charger, you need to pay extra money to a company.

Highest range RAFT INDUS NX electric scooter 550 KM Customer benefits:

  1. Reverse mode available.
  2. keyless options are also available.
  3. ) Fixed battery placed at the footboard and detachable battery placed at seat bellow.
  4. When fixed battery power is completely low then we shift the MCB button, then it can use a detachable battery.
  5. this Highest range electric Battery warranty is 100,000 KM either 3 years in this which one is first to complete depends on it.
  6. The company director said the battery warranty is 10 to 12 years.

RAFT INDUS NX electric scooter price?

  • The Highest range electric first one 480 KM mileage electric scooter price is Rs 2,57,430.
  • If you want a fixed battery scooter 🛵 mileage of 325 KM and the price is 1,91,976.
  • This RAFT INDUS NX electric scooter new variant also launches 156 KM range per charge and this electric scooter price is 1,18,500.
  • This Highest range electric scooter 🛵 launching on November 2nd.

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