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Pushpa Actor “Fahadh Faasil” Wife, Education, Net Worth 2022

Fahadh faasil is a Negative character in Pushpa movie and acting is excellent and Pupshpa movie story is about smuggled and selling red sandalwood to other countries. he character is I.P.S Police Character and his name was BHANWAR SINGH SHEKHAWAT. Sunil also negative character in this movie.

Allu Arjun has characters in the Pushpa movie which is Pusparaj and his worker.

Now Allu Arjun acting in Pushpa which is a Pan India movie directed by Sukumar. Pushpa movie two songs are released. The audience connected these three songs which are Daakko Daakko Meka(75M views) and srivalli(23M views) and Saami saami on Youtube. the first part of the Pushpa movie was released on 17th Dec and 2nd part in 2022.Total budget movie 250 crores.

Fahadh Faasil
Fahadh Faasil


Fasil was born on 8th August 1982 in Kerala state, Alapuzza district, Ernakulam village. His full name was Abdul Hammedh Mohammad Fahadh Faasil. His parents are Alexa Mohammad Fahad faasil and Rozina.

Mohammad Alex is a famous director in Malayalam, his first movie was MonzilVirazmulka which is released in 1980. He directed 30 films.

Fahadh has Ahammeda,fathima sisters and brother farhan,farhan is also a actor in malayalam industry
and Fahadh’s nickname is shannu.

Fahadh faasil Education:

Fahadh finished his primary education in SPV Centre school and in Ooty Lawrence school studied up to 8th class, and in tripunithura completed his 10th standard.
He completed his commerce education at Sanatana dharma college in alappey.
He completed his Master’s arts at Miami University in America.

Fahadh faasil 1st film insult incident journey

When fahadh was in America his father decided to make a love story movie named Kaiyethum doorath and wanted Madhavan to act in it but Madhavan doesn’t interest acting in it, same as Madhavan many heroes rejected the movie.

So faasil decided his son fahadh act in it. But fahadh was shocked on hearing it and rejected to act but his father convinced him to do. And No producer came across to produce it because the story has been rejected by many heroes. So faasil produced this film in his own banner. The heroine of the movie is Nikhitha. Starting days the shooting was good but later on, every laughed by seeing fahadhs acting skills, But his father boosted him with confidence to act in.

Fahadh Faasil
Fahadh Faasil

And completing the shooting the movie was released on September 27, 2002. The movie was a flop and brought a loss of 2.5cr. Everyone criticized faasil about his son’s actions. Then fahadh arranged a media conference and stated that it was totally his mistake, don’t blame his father.

Fahadh faasil After 1st film further journey

For improving his acting skills he went to America and trained for 5 years in a film institute in an acting course and a camera course.

He returned to America in 2008 and decided not to work in his own banner so tried other banners.
At the same time Director com Producer Ranjith decided to produce a film with 10 individual short films.

Accordingly, 10 directors directed 10 short films with 10 heroes in one short film fahadh was a hero, and in one short film, Mammutti was a hero. The film was named Kerala Cafe and released in October 2009. Though it was ranged as an average film everyone praised Ranjith’s idea and fahadhs acting.

Fahadh faasil Love Marriage

Fahadh Faasil
Fahadh Faasil

22 Female Kottayam, Diamond necklace released in 2012 both were hit and run for 100 days.
Next annayum rasoolum was also a super hit.

fahadh faasil After Love Marriage
During Banglore days movie shooting he fell in love with Naziriya Naazam. Both got married in 2014.
Iyobinte pusthakam movies were released in 2014 was also a hit. Banglore days was also released in the same year which was also a hit. Fahadhs career was changed he never looked back again.

Fahadh faasil Flop Movies journey:

Fahadh played a critical role in Mammuttis Pranami movie which was directed by Unnikrishnan, Mammutti especially recommended fahadh to act in it. The movie is released in 2010 but it doesn’t buy any change in fahadhs career.

Fahadh was also acted in Cocktale in a supporting role which was a flop movie.
Tournament a thriller movie that was also a flop movie.
He received a Kerala star film award for a supporting role in the Chappa Purusha movie.Fahadhs and heroine behaviour became a huge issue at that time.
Although all these movies never made a change in his career.

Shalinivishwanayak directed an Akam movie based on Yakshi’s novel where she selected Fahadh as a hero, she also conducted workshops on it. After completing the shooting the movie is not released in theatres but it was released in Kerala, shanghai film festivals, and its camera to the theatre in 2013.
-After that, he also acted in many movies but doesn’t change in his career.

Fahadh faasil commercial hit Movies

Ailzannalla, haram,mariyam mukka released in 2015 was a flop.
Mahenshinte Prathikaram released in 2016 was a commercial hit.
In 2017 he acted in a supporting role in 4 movies them Takeoff, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum were commercial hits.
In 2018 Virathan,Nyan Prakashan movie.

Upcoming movies fahadh faasil


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