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Puri jagannadh philosophy|Best telugu podcasts

4 Philosophies from Puri jagannadh Podcast Puri says that Stoic people follow 4 rules i.e. Wisdom, Justice, Moderation & Courage.

Puri jagannadh Stoicism

Stoicism is discovered thousands of years ago in Greece which teaches us to live strongly and intelligently in life. Puri says that Stoic people follow 4 rules i.e. Wisdom, Justice, Moderation & Courage.

Note: If you want to know about Stoicism in detail please refer to Daily

Stoicism teaches us to live happily if we don’t have anything in life. If we observe Puri Jagannath’s movies, we can observe that he will create the comedian characters in that way. For example Ali Character in the Pokiri movie.
STOICISM is really a life-changing philosophy that one should habitat in their lives.

Puri jagannadh
Puri jagannadh

Puri jagannadh Patriarchy & Feminism

If we observe in present society, the people who negotiate about feminism are more than people who support them. Puri says that Women are facing problems from when the matriarchy is removed from society. With the change in the time period, the Patriarchy is increased. Child marriages, dowry, etc. made the women more weaknesses. Puri strongly conveys that still there is no 100% security & safety for women.

Puri jagannadh Solitude

So many people are in a dilemma is what does actually solitude mean?
In his podcast, puri said the difference between loneliness and aloneness very clearly that…If World leaves you i.e. loneliness and if you leave the world i.e aloneness. Puri said that if you live a lonely then your concentration will increase as per scientific research.

Puri jagannadh Individuality

Puri Jagannath says that parents should give two things for their children in their life. One is awareness and the other one is Individuality. If you teach awareness, the children were aware of what is good and what is bad. But if they learn about individuality, they will make their own and strong decisions in life. That is why Puri Jagannath describes (s) his hero characterizations as an orphan. He says that, if they were orphans, they will be strong physically and mentally.

About Puri jagannadh Film journey

Puri Jagannath is popularly known for his mass direction in Tollywood. In a year, puri comes up with 2 or 3 movies where other directors are struggling to release 1 movie or no movies. In that 2 or 3 movies, Puri Jagannath definitely makes one blockbuster film.
Puri Jagannath makes his movies with mass moments and mass content. His movies were commercial but his hero characterizations will connect to every individual life because puri makes the hero characters with hard-hitting philosophical dialogues and a little bit of humour. For example, Mahesh babu character in Businessman & Pokiri movies, Raviteja character in Neninthe & Idiot movies, Pawan Kalyan character in Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, Nithiin character in Heart Attack movie, etc.,

Puri podcast video’s

Conclusion: By keeping these Philosophies in mind Puri Jagannadh is making movies and making them blockbusters every year.

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