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Future technology of india

What is the future of technology in 2050? Let us discuss about in this article

Top 5 Future Technology 2022 Before seeing the world after 50 years, let’s see firstly the world before 50 years…

For example, the biggest entertainment in those days is radio box, watching Doordarshan in black & white TV, rickshaws and bullock carts for transportation, stove burning with wood and cooking in earthen pots, girls wearing half sarees and sarees only, huts made up of palm leaves and houses with tiled roofs, leveling the floor with a mixture of cow dung, fresh toddy from palm trees, etc.,

Future Technology

If you observe the past 50 years and present,90% of our happy and pure lifestyle vanishes. This means, that now we don’t have the lifestyle which we lived 50 years ago.

Similarly, if we calculate the speed of technology development after 50 years, there will be no equipment that we are using now.
Starting from the technology which shows the dead person as alive. Let us know the top 5 predictions about our future.

Future Technology Age Ceasing

By 2050, they will find out the gene which is responsible for age growth and new technology will be introduced to modify it. So, by 2050 we can remain at the same age by stopping it without increasing.

With this technology, every person can live till the age of 112. So…take care of your health till 2050. After 2050, you can live for a long time.

Future Technology Smart Clothes

In 2070, we will not use our normal clothes, we will wear smart clothes with nanotechnology. They will adjust our body temperature with climatic temperature. That means, they will keep our body warm in winter and cool in summer.

Moreover, one dress will change into different styles and colors. We can customize these clothes as we like. By buying these nanotechnology clothes we can save a lot of money.

Future Technology Virtual interaction

Future Technology

By 2070, before anyone dies in our home, his consciousness can be downloaded to a Pendrive and it would be synced to his holographic image. In this way, we can feel the thoughts, voices, and appearances of a person even after death. We can also see them physically.

By interacting with his consciousness we can interact with them and take their suggestions
So after 2070, we will die physically but not mentally.

Future Technology Social Media

4. Social media accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. will not be in use by 2070. There will be only one social media platform and it is virtual holographic astral form interactive social media.

The main feature of this is if you are in Delhi and if your girlfriend is in Hyderabad, with this social media you can hug each other even if you are far away and that hug will be very realistic.

Future Technology Energy Sources

Petrol which we are using will be totally exhausted. After 2050, there will be no petrol inside the earth. We will mostly depend on natural sources like solar energy and gravitational energy.
Very soon technology will be introduced to convert gravitational energy for our usage. So we will be having unlimited energy by 2070.

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