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What is METAVERSE?|Uses and Benefits of Metaverse 2022

What is METAVERSE? This is the word you people are frequently listening nowadays and it’s trending to. If you assume that the present internet is 2 Dimensional then this technology is going to be 3 Dimensional.
You people can get doubts about.

All your doubts are going to be solved in this article.
1)What is METAVERSE?
2)How this world is going to be?
3)What are the changes that are going to be happened by this ?


‘meta’ means beyond (in Greek) and ‘verse’ means Universe. Metaverse means Beyond Universe compared to the present universe. The word METAVERSE is first used in the science fiction book name called “Snow Crash” in 1992. This METAVERSE is going to be the future of the internet and shared online space


METAVERSE is a combination of web 3.0, Blockchain technology and Virtual reality. You people are aware of Blockchain technology and Virtual reality. you are thinking about what web 3.0 means?

Before knowing about web 3.0 you have to know about web 1.0 and web 2.0. The present internet which we are using is web 2.0 and updated version of this web 2.0 is web 3.0

What is web 1.0

Web 1.0(www) is the website created on the internet. There are some links and text on the website. The problem is we i.e users cannot engage in the website and we cannot create content also Just we can see the information in web 1.0.

What is web 2.0

Web 2.0 all depends on the community. We can engage and create content in it We can participate and create social networks, blocks, videos, etc., Other users can like, share and comment on the information we entered. We have to buy a domain i.e.address for our website in web 2.0 and no one can keep our domain name as theirs in this world. Then what is web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the next evaluation of the internet probably utilizing blockchain technology and the tools of decentralization.
In web 2.0 you were the product as you were browsing social networks but in web 3.0 some believe that you were the owner of your content.
the stuff you post that you post online now this kind of true so, if you want a post to stay up it will stay up but if you want to take it down.

Metaverse Benefits of Web 3.0


In web 3.0 you can control that because as we all know usually when something is on the internet it’s always on the web 3.0 experts say that we will reach the point of the internet where every company is run by a decentralized group called a DAO which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. However, DAOs mean that there are no CEOs or presidents to impress those with the most tokens who get to vote on how the company changes not limited by a government or some family tradition.
In Web3.0 there will be no censorship of social networks like Facebook or Twitter one controlling authority cannot shut it down.

How this world is going to be metaverse?

One of the biggest things in Web3.0 is that your digital identity is not 100% connected to your real-world identity, this means you can view pages, download things, make purchases, and any other activity on the internet without being traced to the real me. Now there are many ways, we can anonymize ourselves online.

Web3.0 means for us is that in the next decade you might be able to buy amazon gift cards using metamask and pay with etherum. That you could anonymously leave like on one of your friend’s posts using one of your hidden wallets, it’s not going to be a bunch of life-changing stuff all at once…

By the combination of these advanced technologies like web 3.0, Blockchain technology, and Virtual reality ..METAVERSE is created. The metaverse is a digital world that which we can virtually live and buy the things we want.

How world is going to be with metaverse?


The scope of METAVERSE is growing because in this pandemic situation all are staying at home and doing work from home, listening classes online. In these difficult times, the scope for it is increasing. Big tech companies like Facebook also entered into this METAVERSE.

Microsoft teams enter the METAVERSE race with 30 avatars and immersive meetings. So many companies are investing and buying land in this virtual world to grow up their infrastructure and their brand for the future.


There are so many advantages to be created by this METAVERSE.

If this comes into action, there is a chance that people can live more in this virtual life rather than the normal life if they get addicted to METAVERSE.

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